Monday, 25 June 2012

The Uniten Friend #1

It's like its been thousand years since i wrote something. 
And I miss this blog so much. :(
Sorry lil bloggie :(

So anyway.
This post is dedicated to this one girl who has been rocking awesomely with me since my orientation week.
One first greeting may sound a little silly.
Our first meeting was at a hall which we call DSS in Uniten.
Me and Kaiz (my matriculation friend) always sit at a front row.
So we kinda sat to these three girls. Yaya , Fareeza and another one *tak sempat kenal* LOL.
And eventually we all become friends.
And me, yaya and fareeza were in the same class for our 1st semestar.

Yaya is really a nice girl.
She always been there for me.
And most important she is f-ing awesome !
You know, its like super duper mega awesomeness !
She nice,smart,kind-hearted and happy go lucky girl.
I never see her sad. Always smile that lil brat :p

Yaya and Fareeza with their *seram* face. :p

Yaya with her *cover cun* face. HAHA

So that is the Super Duper Yaya !
She is easy to talk to.
Its like she will talk to anyone.
Periang sungguh ini budak you know.
Saya pon tak terlayan. HAHA.
But that is why she is so awesome.
She will always has something to talk about.
And you will never get bored. :D

I dont know why tapi lately saya rasa dia sudah makin tembam.
Dont worry Yaya. 
You still cute and awesome.
No doubt :D

She looks like a normal average girl.
But if you truly know her.
She will be like the most talkative person, randomly awesome and sweet kind-hearted person.
I still remember our virtual fighting scene.
Its like the most hardcore battle i ever been. LOL

She is truly awesome.
Yes i know.
I repeated it so many times.
But she IS awesome !
So. This is it.
Hope she like it.
And I still waiting for her to *belanja* me Banana-boat :P

P/S : Saya cilok balik gambar awak ye :P
And maaf. Grammar saya masih terok.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Assalamualaikum :)

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